Sunday, 10 July 2016

Habits Of People Who Never Get Jealous

Ever felt jealous? I’m sure, at some stage, we’ve all felt a jealous wave rush over us. We don’t necessarily like the feeling of emotional possession, but it happens. The difference is, some people cannot control their jealousy. The need it to enable them to feel alive. Others don’t rely on it at all. What would happen if you could breathe and walk away instead of flying into rage because of an emotion? Even though it’s a normal healthy response,  it’s unhealthy to hold on to it.
More commonly known as one of the seven deadly sins, jealousy can lead to a person harboring negative feelings towards themselves. It creates unhealthy competition and causes one to lose sight of what’s best for them. This can break apart a family, friendship or relationship. Unhealthy for the mind, it affects your physical health as well. Boosting your stress response, cortisol, blood pressure and heart rate are spiked.
Looking to shake the feeling of jealousy? Here are 10 habits people have adapted who don’t get jealous.
1. They are focused
Never tempted by the greener grass on their neighbor’s property, they stick to their own goals. Jealousy is simply a distraction and derails one’s success.
2. Self-improvement
when you focus on YOU, your energy is fueled by positive thoughts, leading to productivity. When we focus on us, we forget about unhealthy competition. It’s no longer a factor.
3. Gratitude
When one feels grateful, there is no resentment towards others. Reflect on yourself and the attributes that make you amazing. What are you good at? Any special talents? Be grateful for being the pretty awesome person you’re capable of being.
4. Praise
The person who may trigger jealousy should be offered support and praise. Encouraging them redirects negative emotions and assist you in feeling like a better person, after all, this is now a positive situation.
5. They don’t spy on others
When one eliminates jealousy, we need to trust people and their interactions. Secure individuals don’t stalk social media to gain ammunition. They don’t search through someone’s phone or get overly sensitive when someone likes a photo or comment.
6. They’re realistic
Not without their own flaws, they admit to being imperfect. They know that we all have our past to carry, but they see the lessons learnt and move on. It’s completely unrealistic to assume that someone’s life is without struggle.
7. they happily ask for advice
Following those they admire, they’re unafraid to ask for advice. It’s never to late to ask how someone attained their success, they might be doing something you simply aren’t.
8. Balancing social media with real life
Scrolling through Facebook all day may seem tempting, but social media can be the make or break of your self-worth. To put this into perspective, imagine seeing posts all day about how so and so has bought a house and you are renting, a friend is happily in love and you’re still single, your neighbor has graduated and you flunked, your cousin has just won a car and you still take the train. See what I’m getting at?
9. The ability to let go
When someone creates a competitive environment, they step away. Never going above and beyond to prove themselves, they are content with what they have to offer.
10. Focus on your own success
Shifting the focus from others’ achievements, they rely on their own success and if feeling slightly jealous, they use it to propel themselves to do better, not to bring others down. Jealousy is simply a healthy competitive edge, never clouding their values and principles.
It’s completely OK to feel jealous, the trick is to find the cause and learn how to avoid the triggers before it becomes the green monster who could potentially destroy you.